Forum News: Wild speculation and changes

Change, it's happening.

It’s Sunday, Sega-addicts, which means it’s time… actually it’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for a very special mid-week, we’ve-never-done-this-before, Forum News. This week we’ve got an emphasis on community feedback (that’s you guys!) and WILD SPECULATION. So hurry up and join the forums right now if you haven’t already, then read all about the craziness that has ensued and the craziness that will ensue in just a few weeks

Before we do anything speculative, why don’t we start with the challenges:

  1. Keep Doctor Who in the Doctor Who thread.
  2. Someone show us how you feel in the thread for it.
  3. Talk about something in the Podcast section that isn’t the podcast.
  4. Talk about something in the Sega Games section that isn’t Sonic.
  5. Bananas and Pepsi Max – give me a reason to talk about it.

Incredible job, Sega-addicts, we got all of them! That’s reason to celebrate, so here are some cookies. Well, a picture of cookies. Save it and remember the awesome job we did.

Damn, they look delicious.

In the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section the Doctor Who thread was oddly silent. Usually when that guy gets brought up we talk for days about him. Now this doesn’t mean that this section was quiet, rather it was all about classic threads this week, with one exception. Saiyavenger posted another one of his awesome car designs in the Creativity thread, so go check that out and post your own intellectual properties. The creativity of the Sega-addicts will never die! We also took the time to watch and rate some movies. If you were interested in Iron Man 2, Jackass 3D or “some biopic about Georgia O’Keefe” then hit this thread before you potentially make a mistake. If you happen to be listening to music, tell us about it RIGHT NOW! Then, for the first time ever, talk about games based on comic books. Good thing it’s not about movie-based games, we all know how those tend to turn out.

This seems safe. What could possibly go wrong?

Are you hungry? Then go to the Bananas and Pespsi-Max section and tell us about it! Actually this week it’s more of a thirst thing: we talk about spin-off sodas. Do you like Pepsi Crystal or Dr. Pepper with Bacon? If so, what the hell is wrong with you? I mean… tell us about it! You can also tell us about the good kinds of spin off-soda; that would be ideal.

Now let’s talk about games up in here. In the Sega games section you can bet the discussion was about Sega’s two big recent releases: Sonic 4 and Vanquish. Generally people seem pretty excited to start playing both of these games, so get in there and fraternize about them. On the Non-Sega front we talk about the good, the bad and music. For your good game fix try Super Meat Boy, another game everyone seems pretty excited about. On the opposite end of the spectrum you can talk about the Microsoft Kinect. I had the chance to play it in real life, so go find out what I thought about it, and ask me some questions, or talk about how you’re excited for it, we accept it all in there. Then you can talk about music or albums that remind you of games. It can be a song you heard in a game, a song you listened to while playing a game, or just a song that is reminiscent of the themes of a game; we want you to share your stories about them with us.

Uhhh... like mother like daughter?

In the podcast section we, as always, have the podcast thread. This week it’s about Sonic 4. That’s right, a game so nice we made a thread for it twice! We only made one podcast about it though. We also talked about what to do the next podcast on. Alex decided to do it on Climax Graphics and their games Illbleed and Blue Stinger. There were some great ideas thrown out there though, and I’m sure Alex wouldn’t mind if you guys kept throwing out cool recommendations, so do it!

The Bar section was fun, as per usual. The Bar thread discussion started out with the remains of that horrible cosplay, then moved to some Mythbusters vs. Robotnik, then some random jokes only Saiyavenger and his friends know about, then some Sonic Colours talk because Manic Maverick has played it, and right now we’re talking about how all the good games are coming out on system Saiyavenger doesn’t have. Get in there and make fun of him! Then go to the post a picture thread to comically see how you made him feel. Editor’s Note: Please don’t actually make fun of him.

Ed.: I told you not to do that, fool.

So that leaves us with the wild speculation! Rumour has it that sometime within the near future some undisclosed changes will be coming to our forum. What will they be? Well, who knows, maybe they haven’t even been totally decided upon yet. All I know for sure is that your voice will count in whatever happens. So go to this thread right here, right now and suggest stuff you’d like to see, stuff you’d like done away with, stuff you love, stuff you hate, or discuss contemporary movements in ethical theory. That is officially your challenge this week, so don’t let me down, Sega-addicts.

Speaking of changes, from now on Forum News and Not-So Classic Games are going to be reversed. From now on Wednesdays are for Forum News, and Sundays for Not-So Classic Games.

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  2. Also, I will make suggestings in said thread.

  3. Also, those cookies look spectacular. Now I’m pissed cause I finished off the cookies I had earlier this week. Fuck.

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