Heroes vs. Villains: A Bad Dudes vs. OverClocked ReMix Album Released!

Now this is something very cool that anyone with an internet connection an ears can get a kick out of. Heroes vs. Villains is a sensationally good video game music arrangement album, featuring a selection of remixed tracks from classic retro games. The catch here is that every series featured consists of two entries, with each representing the Hero and Villain of the game respectively, so Streets of Rage gets a track in support of Axel as well as Mr. X, and it’s up to you to decide who wins once and for all. Probably. I mean there’s no competition or anything but.. shut up…

Explaining it at all feels somewhat silly, so just hit the youtube video above in order to get a quick sample of some of the tracks/games featured, and then if you’re interested enough the entire thing is available to download free right now from OCRemix. You can either download them individually or as part of a torrent. Don’t be alarmed by the 1GB download size though, as the torrent contains an optional FLAC format version of the soundtrack as well as the much more compressed MP3.

Aren’t they nice doing that? Give it a listen if you have a chance, the two MegaMan tracks are especially quite brilliant, in title alone if nothing else.

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