The Sega Addicts record episode 52 tonight!

Tonight we’ll be discussing some recent Sega news, new and upcoming releases, and our Sonic Gem of the week, Astal. If you’ve got questions or comments regarding Astal please leave them below and we’ll make sure and mention them during the segment.

The rest of the time will be spent answering any listener questions or comments you leave so please leave them below. If you don’t will talk about our favorite color chalk instead, which, I believe could be a very interesting conversation.

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  1. Just to say… glad your back!

    I was missing walking down the street with headphones on my ears and everyone looking me in a strange way because I was laughing like crazy about bananas and male thongs.

    So, please a joke involving Sega characters, bananas and male thongs.


  2. Oh, and use your vast resouces (and bananaphones) to uncover what the hell AM2 is doing these days.
    The world needs those guys back in the picture!

    Double cheers!

  3. Astal is awesome! Totally underrated. Here are some questions from me:

    1. What I always liked about the game, among many things, is how Astal himself had many different attacks. Which one was your favorite?

    2. Have you guys ever played the game with two players, where the 2nd player could control the bird? What did you think?

    3. What’s your favorite level? I loved the second one where the lights would go out and the birds would all fly by. Great setpiece, there along with some really moody piano.

    4. The game came out right when 3D was taking off and certainly looked out of place next to Bug! and Panzer Dragoon in the launch lineup. Do you think it would have fared better later in the system’s life or perhaps now today as an XBLA/PSN title?

    5. I always loved the kind of children’s fairy tale approach to the story. It reminds me also of NiGHTS, totally earnest and kind of touching. Are there any other SEGA games with stories like that?

    6. Not really a question, more an observation, but the one thing I dislike about the game is the lack of any kind of save feature. I understand it was a very early Saturn game, but it would have been nice to save your progress and access completed levels or bonuses without having to use the debug code every time.

    7. In the battle of SEGA’s maligned 2D mascots, who wins…Astal or Ristar?

    Thanks guys, great game pick this week!

  4. Which Sega character would make the best pet? This does not have to be narrowed down to animal based characters.

  5. can u explain sonic the hedgehog’s concept by only using letters that begin with E?

  6. Manic Maverick April 28, 2011 @ 7:13 PM

    Q1: I was looking at some Astal gameplay and realized that the combination between Japanese voice-acting and American voice-acting was a bit odd. From “YATTA!” (Japanese) to “Get away from me, ya stupid bird!” (English) What do you think of it, and what do you think of other games with a similar thing going on?

    Q2: If you could draw a large picture of an old man’s butt in public, in chalk, what colour chalk would you use to make the picture a masterpiece? You can use multiple colours.

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