New Sonic themed Hatsune Miku Screens!

Hatsune Miku does some Sonic cosplay for the 20th anniversary and this new batch of screenshots from Project Diva 2.5 actually shows what that looks like in the game. The more I post about these games, the more I want to actually play them… how about you?

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. Haha amazing, I never thought I’d see a game with SEGA cosplay. Now I kind of want a game where you can play dressup with a character to look like your own favorite character. Shotgun the weird red yellow robe outfit from Alex Kidd.

  2. collectors edition should come with that hoodie

  3. 2.5?
    is that a new diva to come out or dlc or something?

  4. i think space channel five and project diva should have a cross over!

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