Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics gets release dates, yellow box

Well, that certainly is… interesting? Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics is the first and probably only game on the Wii that will get a Yellow box. Why? I guess in order to be unique? Anyway, the game is heading to the Wii on November 15 in NA and on November 18 in Europe. The 3DS version on the other hand will arrive in February.

Sega certainly has one of the last big Wii titles on it’s hand here and I’m pretty sure it will be a reasonable success! For more screens head over to Joystiq!

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  1. I was always skeptical on the trailer for the first Mario/Sonic Olympic games. It starts with Sonic and Mario at the starting line of a race, and then the gun fires and they both take off….SIDE BY SIDE.

    Shouldn’t Sonic leave a certain plumber in the dust when it comes to running? I know Mario definitely dominates in the rest of the categories (ie success)…at least give us the running props!

  2. Manic Maverick July 28, 2011 @ 8:14 PM

    D: I never came in a yellow box! Why does Mario get to be the one in a yellow box!? That’s so unfair. I want a refund.

    …Hmmmm…Ideas forming….Yes, I will go find a yellow box and mail myself to myself. Good idea, Mav. Let’s get to this.

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