Full Sega 1st Quarter Results Presentation online

Serious cat is ready for numbers!

Oh, I love this! Sega put online the presentation for their 1st quarter results and there are some fun and interesting numbers and information in here. Hit the jump for a breakdown of the information.

Some of it hasn’t been picked up by the gaming press so far, like the building of a new factory and the acquisition of Taiyo Elec, a pachinko machine producer. Seriously, if you ever were interested in the Sammy part of Sega Sammy, the document is great fun, since it also shows some designs for the pachinko machines.

When it comes to Arcade, there are two games mentioned: The Lightgun shooter Let’s Go Island 3D and Sega Network Mahjong MJ5. Never heard of the second one so far, but we already did some stories on the ‘romantic’ Lightgunshooter. There’s also a note saying that they want to restructure their arcade business in the U.S. and Europe, although no details are given. They also want to expand into the Chinese market.

The best selling videogames of that quarter were: Virtua Tennis 4 with 670k, Yakuza of the End with 430k and Thor with 400k units sold.

If you’re interested in how much Sega spend on relief-operations for the Earthquake in Japan back in march, page 25 has you covered. To make things short: They did a lot. Remember that iOS sale they did shortly after the earthquake? That got $250k together for the relief efforts! There are also a lot of details how they try to conserve more electricity.

You can check out the complete document over here!



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  1. I haven’t played Let’s Go Island, but I played enough of Let’s Go Jungle to know that if the game wasn’t so hilarious it would probably destroy Sega with its existence alone. XD

    On a serious note, that’s great that they raised so much for the relief-effort. Amazing what entertainment can do for the lives of people.

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