You can vote for Sega games for the Golden Joystick Awards 2011!

Got five minutes of spare time? Well, then head over to Golden Joystick and vote for your favorite Sega games!

I’ve always been a great fan of awards that are more community driven, so take a look through all the categories and you’ll most likely find some great Sega games in there!

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  1. Manic Maverick August 2, 2011 @ 7:34 PM

    Uughh. The Game of the Year nominees make me want to punch a baby. Voted for Portal 2, since that’s the only one I care about up there aside from a few others.

    And I was gonna vote for Sonic 4 in the Downloadables, but then I saw Limbo and Outland and…ended up going with Limbo. Sorry, Sonic.

    Voted Golden Sun for best RPG. And why the hell is Zelda in the RPG section? Huh!? Zelda’s not an RPG at all. Should have been in the Action/Adventure section. Speaking of, I voted for Amnesia, which won over Deadly Premonition by an inch. XD Still haven’t played Shadows of the Damned, but I’m sure I’d choose that game above everything. I should go buy that thing now…

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