Dreamcast Marathon: 2PM (Eastern) Update

For the past two hours, I’ve been playing one of my favorite Resident Evil titles of all time, Code: Veronica. I’ll admit that just about all of it has not held up well. The inventory system alone has had me grinding my teeth repeatedly. Still, I am genuinely creeped out by the game’s awesome music and lighting effects. I’m a sucker for the series, so I was bound to clutch onto it lovingly. I purposely played to the part of the game where the Bandersnatch is introduced. That yellow monstrosity is one of my favorite RE monsters of all time, second only to the Licker. It’s good to see you again, old friend.

The last couple hours have been pleasant on that front, but quite stressful on others. My dog has been experiencing a renaissance of fear, seemingly out of nowhere. He suddenly decided that his dog food bag sitting across the room was terrifying, and erupted into a barking frenzy. This made Code: Veronica ten times scarier. Trust me, it takes some real finesse to calm your dog while shooting zombies in the face.

Also, I have not heard from John, my partner in misery, since my last post. I hope I didn’t kill him with my unbridled fury, and I certainly hope I didn’t turn him off to this whole “staying awake for 24 hours after 12 hours of classes” thing. If you’re listening, John, I didn’t mean it. I wanna be friends again… SUFFER WITH ME!

*Gets on one knee and looks to the stars.  Wipes the rain from eyes.*

I wanna play Grandia II with you!

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