Top 10 Sega games that need an HD remake

Sega is one of those few videogame companies that have a huge back-catalogue of classic games practically just lying around. The sheer number of franchises they have established during the 8- and 16-eras is just mind-blowing and the following two generations of consoles just added to that. To make things short, Sega has released a lot of games, so it’s only natural that some franchises got less attention than others.

Thanks to the rise of digital distribution and HD-consoles, HD remakes have become quite popular among certain publishers like Konami and Capcom, who have been going through their catalogues and re-release older games in HD-compilations. Hit the jump for the Top-10 suggestions which games or franchises Sega should re-release in HD!

10. Altered Beast

Yes, I know, Altered Beast isn’t all that good, but there’s such a huge amount of Nostalgia involved, and it would be so amazing to see all those sprites redone in HD. Heck, make them hand drawn and I might play the game again. Like, for a third time! If they would make the controls a bit better, the game would most certainly find new fans and maybe, just maybe, that franchise could be revived in a meaningful way.

9. Yakuza 1 and 2

Since it is so popular to re-release old PS2 games with upgraded HD visuals, a Yakuza combo pack containing the first two PS2 outings would be great. Include the option for the original Japanese voices, upgrade the visuals, shorten the loading times and everyone will be happy. Since the series has now garnered some well deserved attention, the first two games will do way better than they originally did on the PlayStation 2.

8. Shinobi

Yes, there is a Shinobi coming for the Nintendo 3DS, but you know what would be awesome? To re-release all the old Shinobi games (from all the platforms) with refurbished HD-visuals. Would be perfect for portable systems and would promote the franchise in a major way!

7. Phantasy Star Portable 2

Since Monster Hunter can be upgraded with HD and put on consoles, why not do the same with Phantasy Star Portable 2? The game is hugely successful and the online component makes it a perfect fit for home consoles. The control issues from the PSP could easily be fixed with a controller too! And of course Chelsea in HD!

6. Space Channel 5 part 1 and 2

I say it over and over again, but a true HD version of the first two Space Channel 5 games would give Sega a good indication of how popular that franchise is. Come on, Sega, show Ulala some love.

5. Golden Axe

Golden Axe already had a reboot that completely failed, but I think there’s still some life in the franchise. There’s still an Arcade game that hasn’t seen a release on home consoles, so bundling that with the three 16-bit games with redone graphics would help to get the series back on track…


NiGHTS, as I’m finding out at the moment, is a brilliant game that is held back to some extend by its mediocre visuals. Sure, the graphics were great back then on the Saturn, but an HD version with crisp textures and popping colors would be welcome any day, Sega!

3. Sonic 2

Sonic 2 is the most beloved title of the long running Sonic franchise and there already have been attempts by fans to make HD-versions of the game. Those mockups look absolutely fantastic and it boggles my mind that Sega hasn’t attempted yet to produce something like that.

2. Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3

The second game of this franchise sold so bad, Sega decided to not release the third game in the West. Many blame the fact that it was on the PSP. Well, that’s easy to fix: If Konami can re-release their PSP Metal Gear for PlayStation 3, than it should be possible to re-release Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for the big HD consoles.

1. Streets of Rage

The long forgotten Sega franchise! Well, not by the fans, they try to make Streets of Rage games that get squashed by Sega. People love Streets of Rage and the first three games could easily be remade with HD visuals. It would be such a great way to reboot that franchise…

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  1. I would sell everything I have for a remake of Shinobi 3.

  2. I never really got into the Shinobi games on Genesis, but I love the original (even on Master System), as well as the Game Gear installments.

  3. NiGHTS actually got a remake on the PS2!

    we never got it in English though… 🙁

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