Sega looking to “re-imagine” one of their “beloved IP’s”


Any volunteers?

Sega is looking for a new executive producer, and in the ad for the position it states they are looking for someone to deliver a “high quality product based on a re-imagining of one of Sega’s most beloved IP’s.”  Considering Iizuka recently mentioned he wants to make a new standard for Sonic, this has me somewhat worried.  Perhaps Sega will pull something out of left field and revitalize ToeJam & Earl? *crosses fingers*

What Sega IP would you guys like to see re-imagined?

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. I’d love to see a new Streets of Rage game.

  2. Shenmue? I’ve never played it but a lot of fans of the game have been begging for it!

    I’d love to see a new rinstar game!

    I just hope that this new standard for sonic isn’t going to end up as bad as sonic 06 and somehow starts better then the modern sonic of today!


  4. Alex kidd and ristar definitely deserve a re imagined come back! And i have many idea about this! Hire me SEGA !!! ^^

  5. As i said, Alex Kidd deserves to return! i drew a picture about it[img][/img] ^^

  6. [img][/img]

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