Huge Sega collection selling for $4,000 on eBay

"Get out of the kitchen, Mom! I'm taking pics for eBay!!"

Three Sega Genesises, two 32x’s, and a copy of Lunar: Silver Star in a pear tree.  Maybe it’s a little late for the Christmas jokes, but this auction is no joke.  “Da_Trucker” is selling a ginormous Sega-related collection for $4,000.  Within the collection are a few rarities such as both Lunar Sega CD games, the very rare Spider-Man: Web of Fire 32X game, and even a front-loading Sega CD attachment.  If anyone doesn’t need a car, house mortgage, or any student loans to pay off then this is the auction for you.  Though I know I won’t even consider bidding on this, it sure is fun to drool over.

[Source: eBay]