"Sonic Lost World" trademarked in Europe, Josh Newey's dream coming true?

Sonic lost world

An invincible team?

It’s a new year, and with it comes a new Sonic game right? I’m honestly still riding the coattails of Sonic & Danica Patrick go to the beach Transformed, so these announcements can take their time in my opinion. Anyway, Sega filed a trademark in Europe for something called “Sonic Lost World.” Shall we let the Sonic Cycle begin? Though I’m confident Sonic Generations put the Sonic Cycle to rest, we can always find ways to get excited over the slightest bit of news. Maybe Sonic Lost World is Josh Newey’s secret fan project to finally incorporate his love for Jurassic Park and Sega into one behemoth of a game? Maybe it’s another Chao-related adventure? Maybe you can hit the jump to see the fancy trademark?

Lost World TM


So there you have it! Jurassic Park jokes aside, I’m always excited to hear about a new Sonic game since they have been progressively getting better after Sonic Colors. I’m pretty sure most people simply want Sonic Generations 2, but let’s hope this one adapts what worked with Sonic Generations. Who else is excited?

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. The title makes me think of the one level in Sonic Adventure.

    • Yeah, I was originally going to post a picture of that level, but I got more of a chuckle out of the one I threw together that you see above.

      • True, it is funny. Sonic has tangled with dinos before so I can imagine it.

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