The Sega Addicts Writers Room Reunion Podcast

So this is a weird one. Do you remember when this site first started and a there were a bunch of writers who did shit but aren’t here any more? No? I don’t blame you. But a couple of us used to do a podcast until last year when it ended before it really began. It was truly a sad day for everyone in the world. But then something wonderful happened! And now a year later, we have reunited for a one off podcast!

That’s right me, Matthew Jay, Alex Barbatsis and Brett Hatfield are back to talk in your ears about many things, most of them not even Sega related. So this is a podcast mainly for old school Sega Addicts fans. A ramshackle, seat of your pants, awkwardly recorded and mean spirited podcast reunion as a gift for all none of you who cared.

Download it here!