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Top 10 Worst Sonic Characters REDUX

A couple of years ago I blessed the Sonic community with a well beloved article about the worst of the worst said games universe had to offer. Obviously everyone loved it and agreed with me 100%, so I can only imagine the positivity I would get from re-doing this article……


Pier Solar HD delayed until June

Pier Solar, the retro themed RPG has had some bad news. The news being that the game is delayed yet again until June of this year. On their most recent kickstarter update the Watermelon Games team stated that the delays were due to technical bureaucracy and ‘Never-ending perfectionism’. Though if…


First Impressions: Alien Isolation

The upcoming Alien Isolation could arguably be the last chance the franchise has at becoming a legitimate videogame experience. Last years Aliens: Colonial Marines was a disaster for all involved and something which anyone would assume to be the final nail in the coffin for Xenomorph titles. However kept in…