Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic Dates to keep you busy in July

It is news like these tidbits that make me wish I was either rich or had frequent flyer miles.

Summer of Sonic will be rocking the streets of the UK this year on July 7th.  Celebrating its fifth year, there will be some new events such as a fan art contest, speed runs, and hands-on sessions with unreleased Sonic games.

Following suite in the US, Sonic Boom is taking place again during the same weekend as SanDiego ComicCon on July 13th, however this year attendees do not need a ComicCon pass to enter Sonic Boom.  This year’s Sonic Boom takes place at the House of Blues (how appropriate?), and very little details are known on the event thus far.  Sonic Boom last year included a live performance from Crush 40 and early access to Sonic Generations, so it is being assumed already that attendees may be able to get their hands on Sonic 4: Episode 2 a bit early.

Anyone plan on attending either event?  And if so, can you grab me as much swag as you can hold?

[Source: VG24/7, Sega Blogs]