SonicCon 2010 may be a trap

Sounds great, right?

SegaNerds reports that the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention will be held this year in Plano, Texas.

According to the website you’ll be able to meet people like Jason griffith, the voice of Sonic and Mike Pollock, the voice of Eggman from the saturday morning TV show Sonic X. Also at the cons will be video rooms showing anime throughout the show, art and cosplay contests and an arcade room where you can play all your favorite Sonic games on Sega consoles. As a big Sonic and Sega fan this all sounds great, but one thing just didn’t sit right with me…


As if my pal Sonic would be dumb enough to fall for THAT! This has to be your worst plan yet. Funding from Cure Magazine? Cool j-pop bands like Alsdead? Suuuuure. You’re not turning THIS Sega fan into a robot any time soon.

Karaoke does sound pretty sweet though… I wonder if they’ll have ‘Escape from the City.’

[Source: SegaNerds]