The Sega Addicts Top 10 Potential All-Stars Sequels

Sega’s All-Star series has already released several great games with great pick up and play gameplay and an amazing amount of cameos and references to Sega games ranging from the most obscure to the most popular. Due to the decent success these games have had it’s quite possible that there’s more All-Star games to be released in the future.

We’ve compiled a list of potential games we’d like to see in the Sega All-Stars series. Click the jump to see our ideas.

10. Racing sequel (wow, this just got announced!)

Flake: This would be a very easy game for Sega to make. Literally, all Sega would need to do is take what the original game had (great tracks, great online gameplay, colorful visuals) and just do more of it. All the complaints people had about the original Sega All-Stars Racing were purely about what the game did NOT do as opposed to anything it did wrong. Fans wanted a wider variety of Sega franchises to be included (and not just as cameos) and more depth in some of the franchises already on offer. If Sega could crank out another set of great tracks and include elements from games such as Burning Rangers, NiGHTS, ChuChu Rocket, Phantasy Star or any number of their beloved franchises, Sega could easily get people on board for some more racing.

With positive sales and great reviews, part of me thinks this sequel is already under consideration. Keep doing what you already did, Sega. Just do it MORE!

9. Car Combat

Scott Morrison: Sega All-Stars Demolition Derby would be the most ridiculous cavalcade the genre would ever see. The game would be unnecessarily colorful like any game starring the members of the roster.  Each character would have their own signature moves such as Sonic driving insanely fast in his sports car to leave a trail of fire to roast his combatants.  Tails driving the Tornado 2’s “car mode” would form a cyclone to capture and damage enemies while Knuckles would simply drive over the competition in his monster truck.  Ryo Hazuki would drive his signature forklift and plow into the competition after which he would slam them continuously into the ground.  ToeJam & Earl, while piloting their spacecraft, would throw large jars and capture the competition to then leave them momentarily stationary for all to attack.  Other characters would include Orta riding on the back of her dragon (the only flying “vehicle”) with a berserker rage attack, as well as Ristar driving a dune buggy with large stretching arms to head butt his opponents.  Levels would include such areas as the streets of Station Square, Funkatron flower fields, the harbor from Shenmue, as well as more obscure levels such as one taking place on top of a Sega Genesis/CD/32X combo.  Ironically, this game may incorporate more play time for the 32X than in real-life, but it would be best times the system would see.

8. Platformer

Scott Morrison: The Sega All-Stars Ultimate Adventure would be a blast from the past in every awesome way possible.  By taking bits of Sonic the Hedgehog, Ristar, Dynamite Heady, Shinobi, Vectorman, and of course Comix Zone, the perfect side-scrolling adventure could be created.  Levels incorporating different worlds from said games would be explored through a 4-player co-op mode in which players would help each other with their own signature moves in ways only imagined in fan fiction stories across the internet.  Imagine Shinobi being launched by Dynamite Heady’s head while slicing swarms of airborne enemies.  Ristar would grab enemies and toss them into Knuckles’ whirling fists while Sketch Turner would wait to roundhouse kick them through the following comic page.  The levels would incorporate the best of all game worlds and require teamwork sessions of clearing chasms, or using every characters’ abilities to unlock secret areas in hopes of saving the world, as all Sega characters must do.  The game would be playable through a single-player mode, but would also include certain levels and areas only accessible through multiplayer (perhaps even only accessible by certain characters).  Ultimate Adventure would also allow for character swap mid-game, so that the entirety of levels would be accessible with ease.  Boss battles would include teamwork from side-scrollers across the Sega board with Robotnik and Greedy together or even Mortus and Metal Sonic.  The possibilities and replayability of this game would be endless.

7. Party Game

Josh Newey: Here’s what I want you to do: go out and find one person that liked Sonic Shuffle on the Dreamcast. Just one. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Having trouble? That shouldn’t surprise you in the least. Few games from the Dreamcast era have inspired the same level of unbridled ire that Sonic Shuffle continues to incur, even after all these years. Could all of that anger be a product of a potentially amazing prospect being dropped on its head? I think so. That’s why I propose that our beloved company take a second stab at the party game genre. Sega is no stranger to throwing together conceptually driven, wholly addictive party experiences, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t see the same simple principles that drove the fantastic multiplayer in games like Chu Chu Rocket done again, but with Sega’s amazing roster of characters driving the experience. The overall layout of the title wouldn’t have to mimic anything done before either; Sega could create something completely new, utilizing minigames, characters, and environments to create an addictive and fresh multiplayer experience that the folks developing Mario Party 47 wish they could conjure up. Let’s just hope that the dreck that was Sonic Shuffle doesn’t scare them off from giving it another go in the future…

6. Football

Alex Riggen: One of my favorite aspects of the Sega All-Stars games is seeing a cast of completely different characters participating in a game or genre that is completely out of context. Sega All-Stars Tennis did a great job of taking a familiar sport and adding just enough “Sega” twists and cameos to make the game fun for fans who have no interest in the sport whatsoever. A football game could do something very similar and provides opportunities for so many memorable moments. Sonic spindashing into the endzone, Alex Kidd punching defenders in the face, Bayonetta snatching an interception out of the air with her hair, Alex Kidd still punching defenders in the face, and the list goes on.

5. Pinball

Mike Kyzivat: This title pretty much speaks for itself.  You would have a collection of SEGA themed pinball machines.  How about a Jet set Radio future table with dragon ramps?  or an Altered Beast pinball where the pinball could transform into the different animal forms to reach different areas on the playfield, or a Billy Hatcher table where the ball is an egg.  You could also create a Sonic Spinball table as a nod to the Genesis game.  I think it should follow the format of the widely successful Pinball FX series, where you download the frame work, and then just pay for the tables you want.  In fact it could be a separate series of tables on PInball FX just like the marvel ones.  Sega could license their characters to Zen studios and then we can get some more great pinball designs from Zen.

4. Shoot-em-up

Mike Kyzivat: First here is a idea for a plot, Dr Robotnik is sick and tired of being defeated by Sonic all the time, if only he could get rid of him he could conquer the world, but what if instead of getting rid of Sonic, Dr. Robotnik gets rid of himself?  By that I mean he develops a device that can punch a hole in different universes and allow him to enter them.  Thus he leaves Mobeius to conquer the Alex Kidd world which has no Sonic to protect it.  Once he’s conquered enough worlds he will have enough power to go back to Mobeius without fear of Sonic stopping him.  So it’s up to Sonic and company to find way to travel to these other worlds Robotnik is trying to take over and help the resident people out.  I think this could be cool because then you can see badnik versions of the other Sega worlds and characters.  The the diverse levels you could fly through would be awesome as well.  think about flying through an Altered Beast level as the Dragon.  or an Alex Kidd level in his Protocoptor.  or earth in Toejam and Earls space ship.  The possibilities are endless given all the different SEGA properties.  You would of course be able to pick your character to fly through any level, but picking the character that is originally from that level could give you certain bonuses, like extra points or more bombs.  And this could be a chance to introduce casual players to a shoot-em-up with out having to subject them to bullet hell levels of frustration.

3. RPG

Pat Reddick: Could you imagine how amazing it would be to not only have a game full of your favourite Sega All-Stars, but one that features an epic quest that you could easily dump 40 hours into? I sure can. I think RPG fans would really appreciate the unique play styles of various Sega characters in an RPG. In fact, I think it would help to make a truly universally enjoyable JRPG. Instead of pure turn-based attacks imagine if you had to play a quick rhythm with Samba de Amigo, or slam a Crazy Taxi into a boss’ foot.

Ok, maybe the game would benefit from real-time action. But still, think of how great a game with all those different play styles would be! There would be something for everyone! Imagine if they created DLC for the game as new IPs were created so the game was always relevant.

As far as the story goes you could even centre it around certain characters and have them go from realm to realm saving the day and what not. This could lead to some pretty neat meta-gaming if you got to a Shining or Phantasy Star realm. Really I think Sega should just hire me to plan out this game because I’m making myself way too excited just thinking about it.

2. Smash Bros. Clone

Josh Newey: Say what you will about the Smash Bros. series as a serious fighter, but there’s hardly a franchise out there that does more fan service and satisfies more nerdy arguments than Nintendo’s wildy popular mash-up party brawler. The mechanics may not be the deepest or most complex of combat systems, but the overwhelming abundance of Nintendo references dripping from that game’s pores is undeniable. Now consider this—Smash Bros: Nintendo Vs. Sega. Honestly, can you imagine a more appropriate fighting game? Sure, we’ve already seen Sonic in Brawl, but these companies haven’t engaged in an all-out battle since the days of SNES vs. Genesis. With a game like SSB: Nintendo Vs. Sega, school-yard rivalries and marketing slogans like “Sega does what Nintendon’t” become relevant once again, bringing back searing memories of Braveheart-esque battle cries on the eve of 16 bit war. All the angst, nostalgia, and competitive spirit would make for one hell of a fighting game.

Just think about some of the dream matches this game could deliver: Bayonetta Vs. Samus, Tails Vs. Luigi, Wario Vs. Robotnik, Metal Sonic vs. Metaknight, Vyse Vs. Link, Ulala Vs. Princess Peach, Axel Vs. Captain Falcon, Joe Musashi Vs. Sheik, AiAi vs. Diddy Kong—I could easily go on for hours. Throw in the added fan service of Assist Trophies like Crazy Taxis and Panzer Dragoons and you’ve got one of the best mash-up games in the history of everything ever. I have been shouting this idea at my friends for years. Now I’m shouting it at you. Deal with it.

1. Beat’em up

Tom Kyzivat: Sure, racing in cars and playing sports are fun, but let’s cut to the chase: we want to see Sega characters beating the hell out of stuff. C’mon! That’s what they’re made for—each individual game is founded on defeating enemies, so why are we wasting time racing and playing tennis? That’s why a beat’em up/3D brawler would be fantastic. Can you imagine anything cooler than selecting a character from a wide variety of Sega icons, then stomping ass on a ton of hapless enemies in level after level? The only thing better than that would be a Sega Addicts beat’em up. Am I right? Uh, anyway, the genius in the idea is that each level could relate to a specific Sega game. Get your 4-player team of, say, Sonic, Axel, Bayonetta and Ristar (but of course the roster wouldn’t have to be limited to that), and start rampaging through badniks in a Green Hill-inspired level, stomp punks in a Jet Set Radio level, fight all manner of cockamamie crap in an Alex Kidd level, then on to beat up squishy zombies in a House of the Dead level. You get the idea. And the possibilities for bosses are endless—you have years of classic games to draw upon: Robotnik (obvious one), The Dark Champion, Death Adder, Neo Zeed, Wizeman… the list goes on!

And of course, what beat’em up wouldn’t be complete without a duel mode? As fun as it is to beat up legions of cronies, you know you’d love to see the Sega characters at each other’s throats! With games like Anarchy Reigns on the horizon, maybe the market for crazy beat’em ups/3D brawlers could pick up, and Sega might get wise. Let’s hope so, because I’m tired of this tennis elbow.

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