Remember how Sonic 4 felt a lot like Sonic 2?

Recently, a Sonic fan asked a question on the Sega forums that I think we all would want to know the answer to: Is the second episode of Sonic 4 going to be as replete with throw-back levels as the first episode was?

The answer, according to Brand Manager Ken Balough, is no. Only one of the levels in the game will be a “genuine throwback”. Of course, the use of that word “genuine” throws the doors of speculation wide open. I am betting we will hang out in Green Hill Zone some more.

Well actually, the answer is a little more complicated than that.

[Source: Sega Forums via Segabits]

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  1. Actually, my faith in Sega’s dealings with Sonic have been restored after two great 3D games and a decent 2D one. Do what you will Sega, just don’t violate my trust!

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