Online petition hopes to have Sega remaster Panzer Dragoon series

The critically acclaimed Panzer Dragoon series has been the favourite of many a Sega fan, however, unlike some of the company’s more well-known titles, non of the games, aside from the original, have had anything in the way of remakes or re-releases. A newly formed petition started by Panzer Dragoon fan site The Will of the Ancients, hopes to change that.

Their intention is to have Sega realise that a remastering of all four games in the series for current generation consoles is what their fans truly desire.  The petition itself will be sent to Sega on the 10th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Orta later this year or the 15th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga next year. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the petition now and check it out!

[Source: SEGAbits]

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  1. If there isn’t one already someone needs to start a petition to translate and bring over the Phantasy Star 1 and 2 remakes that were on the PS2 in japan. Can really see it being successful on PSN/XBLA.

    If it worked for Xenoblade maybe it will work for these games too.

  2. Of all SEGA’s franchises, the Panzer Dragoon series has proved to be the best, with each game growing, morphing and evolving into something fresh and amazing each time out. Even the Game Gear game is damn good. Orta still looks fantastic when played on the 360, and as someone who still has an active Saturn hooked up I’m pretty content with the way things are now, but I recognize that there are so many people who want to play the series, Saga in particular, and that remasters would really go a long way in spreading the brand. Considering how inspired the artwork is, a higher resolution really could do it justice.

  3. I’d definitely buy a remake depending on the price and how much they do with it, obviously I’d pay more for full on remake or new game instead of an XBLA port, but that would be cool too.

  4. I just signed the petition, and hope that it actually has an effect.

    Even though the source code for Saga was lost, I wish there was someway someone could recreate that game. It really is an amazing RPG and the fact that it is a big reason for the port to be attempted.

    I second the higher resolution. Even with just an HD touch-up, the series would be beautiful.

  5. *the fact that it is RARE*

    Just realized I forgot an important word in my comment. derp.

  6. CYBERPUNKNUT! I am with you sir! The remakes of PS1 and 2 (and do 4 while you’re at it) are done, they just need frickin translations! And yes, Panzer needs to get done too. Hmm those TV shows send things related to the show in, maybe we could send dragon dung to Sega?

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