The Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer is looking amazing

As I’m sure you know, PAX East is just about over, and that means a whole lot of new people have actually gotten to play Aliens: Colonial Marines. I am not one of them. Ugh.

Anyway, Sega’s still being pretty tight about showing footage from the game, but Destructoid and Revision 3 have posted a nice, thorough look at the game’s frenetic and beautiful multiplayer, which proudly flaunts its Left 4 Dead influences with special alien breeds and a versus mode that looks like it fits in perfectly with Valve’s zombie blasting hit.

Perhaps the coolest info we learn from this vid is that the game will not have a HUD, instead forcing players to rely on the series’ trademark radar, which can only be pulled up in-game. Also of note are new alien breeds, including the “Lurker,” the “Crusher,” and more.

In other words, check out the video. There’s no way to do so without a stupid grin on your face.

[Source: Revision3]

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