Sonic Blast releasing next week on 3DS Virtual Console

Sonic Blast (titled G Sonic in Japan) will be releasing on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console on April 18th. Sonic Blast was the first Game Gear game allowing players to play as Knuckles on the handheld system. This game also marked the final release for the Game Gear back in 1996. Sonic Blast allows players to play as large pre-rendered 3D versions of Sonic or Knuckles running through levels inspired by Sonic 3, with bonus levels similar to that of Sonic 2. So who plans on snagging this for their 3DS next week?

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. Growing up on the Mega Drive, I’ve never found any of the 8-bit Sonic offerings to be particularly interested, but I did enjoy Sonic Blast on the Sonic Mega Collection. You could say that,while playing the game, and I’m sorry about this, that I had a blast.

    • I’m only excited for this release because I never got to play it on the Game Gear or Master System. It looks incredibly ugly in a “I must try this” sort of way. I do like most the 8-bit Sonic games though. The first two were fun, slower-paced games and Chaos and Triple Trouble play incredibly close to the 16-bit games on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

  2. Nice one, Mike. I think that joke “rendered” me helpless.

    Anyway, Sonic Blast was a decent game as far as I can remember. The levels seemed short, but in a portable that can be a key element. I wish they had stayed away from the pre-rendered graphics just because 3D Blast released at the same time, but I’m sure that sold a few more copies.

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