Ken Balough releases statement on the Sonic 4: Episode 2 Steam leak

In an attempt at damage control, Ken Balough has posted this on the official Sega Forum for Sonic 4: Episode 2:

Hey Guys,

Well it just wouldn’t be a proper Sonic 4 game without a code leak!

As I’m sure most of you saw this morning, there was a slight error where a very small amount of people who pre-ordered the Steam vesion were able to download Beta 8 version of the game.

So let’s come out and talk about it.

Yes, it did happen, and yes its unfortunate. However I’d like to ask that people not judge too much what they see from these videos. Beta 8 is a was very early Beta from SEGA and is filled with Bugs that are fixed in the final version.

With Episode II we wanted to support the PC users in a huge way, and that’s why we are releaseing it on May 15th, alongside the console versions.

From my side, on a personal level, I would only ask, for those of you who did get the early Beta 8, try not to post too much stuff if you can. There is a huge group of awesome fans eagerly awaiting this game, and I don’t want to spoil the surprises that Episode II has in store. It’s kind of like someone telling you spoilers to a film you have been hyped to see. There are sites our there that you can do that in if thats what you choose, but try not to spoil it for our awesome Sonic community here.

Thanks again everyone!


Have to agree with him. Having a look at a level isn’t going to be bad, but maybe it’s not so wise to watch complete playthroughs of it. On the other hand, we can document the changes between beta and release version! That’s always interesting!