Sega Addicts is now on Tumblr

Another platform has been invaded by the glorious troops of Sega Addicts!

Well, we made an account there and we post content on it. My initial explanation sounded way more awesome, but oh well… Anyway, you can follow us over here! We’ll try to produce some unique content, but right now we’re mostly using it for publishing our stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr? I think my head is going to blow. It’s like I’m taking my first little peak from my social media hermit cave and being blinded by all the pretty digital colours.

    This is great news though. From what I gather, this should really bring more people to the site and to the high-quality content held within. Hooray!

  2. That’s the plan at least. There’s a pretty nice little group of Sega fans over there, from my experience.

  3. Very nice. I’m following you on all of them, but to be honest the feature I use the most is the RSS functionality. I have the entire site as a button on my Bookmark Links toolbar on Firefox and am able to see immediately whenever there’s a new post. Works great.

  4. I probably should install the RSS thingy for myself too…

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