Rumor: Sega Europe closing down

According to the French site Gamekyo, Sega Europe will close down during E3. This would be one of the consequences of the overall ineffective strategy Sega has been following up until recently and will also mark a major shift away from AAA titles over to digital titles. Speaking of which, their source says that a new Creative Assembly game is going to be shown off during E3.

Considering the recent news surrounding Sega, the downsizing of their US branch and their statement that they want to move away from packaged games, this rumor unfortunately seems very likely to be true… Let’s just hope it’s not, for now. Except for the Creative Assembly game, that would be sweet!

[Via Gonintendo]

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  1. hope SEGA as a company dosen’t go out of business ! That would be terrible.

  2. I highly doubt they go down entirely. They are making money.

  3. 15 years ago you wouldn’t have thought that Sega would be making games on Nintendo platforms.

  4. Sadest thing if this is the truth. But after so many job cuts in Australia and USA this sounds plausible.

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