Sorry, you won’t get that Katy Perry bonus track: Rhythm Thief will not have DLC

I’m not sure if this was actually a concern to most Rhythm Thief fans to begin with, but Producer Shun Nakamura had a few things to say about DLC for the game,

“I did not consider [DLC] just because I did not know the feature was planned to be included in the 3DS when we started the development back on the DS. I would have considered if I knew it at the early stage.”

Nakamura also went on to comment on any possible ideas of a sequel,

“I have many things I would like to do for the game system and scenario. I think the sequel will exceed the original if I could realise exactly what I currently have in mind.”

So there you have it. Those bonus Katy Perry tracks you were banking on just won’t ever come to be. However, in terms of a sequel, you never know! Are you picking up Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure in the US on July 10th? Did you already pick it up in Europe, Australia, or Japan? Let us know!

[Source: VG24/7]