Sumo Digital gets go-ahead for 'specific character' in All-Stars DLC


You may remember last month, Sumo Digital were holding a poll in the Sega forums regarding future character DLC in All-Stars Racing Transformed. Well it’s been a while (at least in internet time) and we’ve finally got our first hint at future content for the game. In a recent update from Sumo representative Steve on the Sega forums he stated that the company had “approval for a specific character this morning.”

However don’t get too excited just yet as that’s all he was allowed to say on the topic. We can probably guess that it’ll be one of the poll topping crowd pleaser’s but as for now this is all the information we have. Although I am glad to hear that there is DLC for the game in the works. Who would you like to see? Is your favourite character in the game already, or are you just waiting for this mystery DLC to see if they might be now? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. I wonder if it’s a character that should have already been in the game

  2. It’s Ryo, no QUESTION.

  3. I need Segata Sanshiro

  4. ok so the top 3 where
    Segata sanshiro
    Hatsune Miku

    If we look at this logicaly and only 1 can pass, it’ll be Ryo, Hatsune Miku would require alot of licensing, and though I wish it was her so much more then anyone else (other then segata sanshiro) it is highly unlikely!

    Segata Sanshiro, great guy had is own game, but I doupt he’ll be in, but then again danica patric is (grrrr) so hopefully this guy will make it so you never have to see her face again, but seeing as its only one character it just seems so much likely to be Ryo!

    I mean if you ever listened to the segata sanshiro song and read english lyrics, you would understand that he is brute force and says something about S– <— (for the younger of the audience if we have younger!)), so for europe and america his idolation would have parents concerns!

  5. Still think it would be hilarious/awesome to see Ecco! He could swim in the water, chill in a tub while driving and using the tubes in the air!

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