Sega officially closes European and Australian offices

The rumors have been circulating for a while now, but as of today, the news is official: Sega Europe and Australia are now closed. While the UK offices will remain open as Sega’s European nerve center, distribution has been spread to a number of different parties, with Koch Media and Level03 handling territories in Europe and 5 Star taking over for Australia.

Despite the sad news, Sega Europe’s COO Jurgen Post seems optimistic for the publisher’s future:

“SEGA is entering a new and exciting phase that will position the company as a content led organisation maximising sales with strong and balanced IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise. The company will benefit from a clear focus and realigned strategy for our digital business and packaged goods and we are confident that this will lead to a successful future.”

With the new focus on digital games and popular IPs, it’s hardly surprising that Sega is taking some very deep cuts now, but I am very curious to see how this will affect the publisher’s work with studios like Creative Assembly and Sumo Digital.

That being said, it’s always heartbreaking when so many people lose their jobs, and I think I speak for any Sega Addict when I say that our hearts go out to anyone personally affected by these closures. Our best wishes to all of you, and thank you for everything you’ve given us Sega fans. Truly sad news indeed.

[Source: IGN]

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  1. I hope they all find jobs quickly, I know how hard it is right now.

  2. Important you guys in the console scene understand the following:

    Play Meter checked with Pete Gustafson of Sega Amusements about the coin-op side. Gustafson said, “There are no changes to the coin-op amusement business for Sega in the U.S. or Europe. As far as coin-op is concerned, it’s business as usual.” He added, “In fact, we are having a terrific year.” The consumer side of the business is separate from the coin-op side with completely different management.

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