Sega vs Capcom, Part XXV: Fight Like a Robot!


Yeah!  Quit pussyfootin’ around like a mincing fleshbag and be a robot, son!  Now hit that jump, if you’re robot enough.

All right, now that you’re a robot, go perform all the menial tasks that humans can’t be bothered with!  Ha!  Sucker.  Uh, anyway, in that vein, let me present history’s more courageous garbage man: Vectorman!  He’s going to clean up in Sega vs Capcom as well, sorting fools and mopping the floors with suckas.  And when he’s done, he’ll transform into an easy chair and take a load off.




That’ll do it for this week!  Be sure to tune in next time.  Who will the next brawler be?  I’ll never tell!  It would violate the robot prime directive: 1. Never harm humans.  2. Never touch nachos or chili fries belonging to humans.  3. Absolutely no spoilers.


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