The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 45 – NiGHTS Into Smack

Well after that last insane episode, The Sega Addicts Kids Table seems to be back at it’s offensive best! With Stevie joining Josh and John again for another series of tantalizing (and non family friendly) topics, the show is back on track… and then we fuck it all up by insulting the homeless and talking about internet porn for a bit.

However that’s not to say that we don’t talk about relevant things! Since last week was big for the NiGHTS franchise we spend a good deal of time discussing the upcoming HD re-release of NiGHTS Into Dreams and the characters upcoming appearance in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed at the London 2012 Olympic Games: The College Years Strike Back. Oh and Phantasy Star Online 2. But only for a minute.

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  1. I don’t have Itunes or an Ipod , so I’ll give you my review right here and now:

    I think it’s quite good.

  2. You are now a cool kid!

  3. Yes someone did read the question wrong! It said make or worse…. Or better.

  4. @DrScottnik
    Yes, the one option you didn’t have was to not change them, haha. That option was neither better or worse. Either way, thanks for responding to the question!

  5. There are 47 games in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. I kept telling that to my car stereo, but somehow you guys didn’t hear me.

  6. Oh man, I actually just (pornhub) listened to this and heard the shout-out! Nice one, you have good taste in people to shout out to.

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