Talented fan designs and makes Game Gear home console

Probably fed up with dodgy capacitors, badly lit screens and one too many an empty battery, one Japanese Game Gear fan took it upon themselves to design and build a home console version of the hand held device by utilising a Sega Mark III Game Gear adaptor. Simply named ‘The Sega Game Gear System’ is complete with a mains supply, a snazzy looking Master System controller and the ability to output via composite and what looks live S-Video and RGB. In addition to this, the keen Sega fan has even crafted a box and printed a manual.

And I thought I was passionate about Sega.

According to a Google Translate of the site, the dream machine cost 20, 000 Yen to make and is not for sale. In addition to this, it seems as though the talented individual has no plans to make any more, which is a crying shame as I’d snap one up right away. If anyone with a better grasp of Japanese can extrapolate some further information from the web page, please share it with us in the comments below, and hit the jump for more juicy photos!

[Source: lcv.ne.jp]


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    • Michael Westgarth June 28, 2013 @ 5:27 AM

      I’d really love one of these too. With so many licensed budget consoles on the market, I see no reason why someone couldn’t manufacture this on a larger scale.

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