Sega vs Capcom, Part XXVII: YATTA!!!

Don’t call it a comeback!  Yes, Comic-Con is over, and this week I had time to unlock the sophisticated game manual chamber, so click away to find out who’s turning heads in Sega vs Capcom this week!

Just when you thought Knuckles was the toughest, baddest OG in the game, out struts the hard-hitting Astal.  Both enjoy crystals and emeralds, both favor punching things to death, both have red hair, and both lay eggs.  I think.  Don’t quote me on that.  Uh… so yeah, Astal.




One more connection: Astal’s voice actor also does Rouge the Bat.  Okay, this is getting weird now.  I’m gonna play Six Degrees of Separation to Kevin Bacon instead.  You can play too, if you want.  Or check out more Sega vs Capcom characters below.  Your call.


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  1. Astal! Yeah! When I got a Saturn just a year ago, I never expected that Astal would stick out to me more than any other character I’ve seen on the system.

  2. Yeah, that game is great! I think it’s the insanely beautiful backgrounds and sprite work that really drew me in–like a playable version of The Secret of NIMH. 🙂

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