Nintendo Vs. Sega Timeline has some interesting info

A very interesting timeline was put together recently. Hit that jump to see the full timeline!

The timeline shows Nintendo and Sega’s birth and their life up until 2011. The most intriguing thing I found after reading through was that Sega has essentially been in the electronic game business longer than Nintendo since they made their first slot machine 29 years before Nintendo released their first Game & Watch. I can also say that I am probably not the only one who did not know Sega originated in Hawaii. Bear in mind that the information is all taken from Wikipedia, so it may not be 100% accurate. Nonetheless, this is still an interesting, and nicely designed timeline.

[Source: PRWeb]

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  1. Wow, it’s taken my since 2006 until now to realise that Nintendo changed their logo to silver.

  2. little known fact that SEGA was started by an american as well…

    Keep in mind those early SEGA games were mechanical and not video… NINTENDO was in games as well doing cards.

    plus SEGA was originally called SErvice GAmes…

    cool stuff tho

    • Yeah, I remember seeing in some article some time ago that they had a sort of periscope game that was supposed to simulate being in a submarine or something. Purely a mechanical machine. Very old, very cool.

  3. hmm just noticed this is just about logo changes lol – so never mind my trivia – never mind

  4. I find it very odd that this list fails to include the SNES and Game Gear.

    • Is anyone else amused that Sonic is fighting with a sword, a la Sonic and the Black Knight?

    • classicgamer666 May 1, 2013 @ 6:08 PM

      Yes, I know. One system I happen to own. Can you guess? GameGear or SNES?

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