Sega vs Capcom, Part XXVIII: Round 1–FIGHT!!!

What loves Coca-Cola, weighs over 1000 lbs., is protected by hippies, and is about the punch you in the face?  Hit the jump to find out!

Yes!  Straight out of Sega’s dusty ol’ attic comes another character most people never knew about, forgot about, or tried to forget about.  This here is Bark The Polar Bear, a little-known Sonic character created for Sonic the Fighters, which was a terrible, terrible idea back from 1996.  But to be fair, most ideas back in 1996 were pretty terrible.  Devil Stix, I’m looking at you.




So, that’ll do it for now!  We’ll see what other treasures get dug up next week.  I bet you’re starting to wonder who the bosses in this game are going to be.  No?  Oh… well…  that’s fine.  I wasn’t going to tell you anyway.


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