Announcing The Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon: Part 2!

As I’m sure you all know, that holiest of holy days lies just beyond the horizon. For what am I blaspheming so emphatically, you ask? Wait, you really have to ask me? Why of course, it’s September 9th, the Dreamcast’s birthday!

Now, if you have stuck with our site over the past couple of years (i.e., if you have I tolerated my incessant, childish ramblings for this long), you’re probably aware of my depraved obsession with exhausting, physically taxing 24-hour marathons. Ok, well I did two of them. That’s a lot. Shut up.

Anyway, it’s that time of year again, and I am happy to announce that I am bringing the Dreamcast Marathon back around for its second run. That’s right: from 12PM on Saturday, September 8th to 12PM on Sunday, September 9th, I will be engaged in another 24 hours of orange swirl debauchery! Unlike previous marathons, this adventure will be chronicled LIVE, using my trusty webcam and Justin.TV (Channel Name: SegaAddictJosh). For the first time ever, you can watch my sallow-skinned maw as it droops lower and lower before I pass out completely on my Dorito crumb-covered coffee table. RIVETING!

Keep your eye on the site for more details as we inch closer to that fateful day. I hope to offer plenty of entertainment throughout the night, and even a few prizes before this exciting event is through! At the very least, you’ll get the sadistic pleasure of watching your good friend Josh Newey as he works through another dreamless night with his favorite console of all time.

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  1. That sounds crazy enough for you but why not go for gold…
    The world record for playing a single game is held by the staff @ game informer. They played super smash bros. melee for 32 or 33 hours, with breaks every 2 to 4 hours.

    I my be off on the details but you could look it up.

  2. ….But I’m sure you could pull that off by playing sonic adventure 2. Hell, after 24 hours you could also have the record for the fasted play through… ( @ ~@) …ugh…

  3. Game Informer staff vs. a single member of Sega Addicts staff? That sounds a bit more sadistic than this marathon in general. I’m sure Josh would be game.

    • Not so sure, actually. If I could just play the Dreamcast itself for 34 hours, I could easily pull that off. But a single game? IIIIIIII dunno.

      • Haha I was only kidding. My sarcasm doesn’t go over well though these comments. Though I’m sure you could play Shenmue for 34 hours. Without falling asleep though? I dunno about that…

  4. Looking forward to see how you cope this time round! Looking forward to watch live this time!

  5. Didn’t John do a 24 hour marathon last year as well?

    • Yes, John joined me last year, but a two-player marathon proved very complex and confusing indeed.

  6. Cool, you suffering can be my tea time viewing.

    I fucking love tea time.

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