Hatsune Miku plays live in your bedroom thanks to the Vita

Sega have been generating further interest in the soon to be released Playstation Vita version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F by releasing a series of screen shots showing off its utilisation of the Vita’s built-in camera. To be specific, the Vita version of the game allows players to superimpose the 16 year old virtual diva over live footage of whatever the Vita camera is pointing at i.e. a live Hatsune Miku performance in the home, on the boat, at the in-laws, you name it. Check out all of the screen shots via the source below.

Personally I’m still iffy about the love this character gets and while I personally believe that she is the ultimate money maker for the Japanese pop-music industry and something I am certain we will see in the West sooner or later in some form or another, I just can’t relate to the character or the vocaloid sound. It seems to me that, at least for most of the… ZOMG IS THAT A SUPAR SONIC STATUE IN THE BACKGROUND?!?!?!11

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. Bought the game on 14th thinking I was paying £80 or so just to find out I was paying just less then £110, I only found out today I was paying that much 0.0
    There will be a video of me opening it when I get it! but the price e.e

    • Wow, that’s a serious amount of sterling right there my friend.

      Bradkal, please tell me what draws you to the Project Diva/ Hatsune Miku series? I’ve only seen this phenomenon from the outside looking in and want to know what there is for a young man like myself to get out of it. This isn’t a trick question, I’m genuinely curious.

      • Well Definitely dont get the game before you get to like a lot of the Music!
        Believe it or not but I kind of Hated Hatsune mikus song when I started listening, I listened to The disappearance of hatsune and really didnt like it, i also heard Leaven Polka, But later I started enjoying the music, after getting past the headaches I got from listening to japanese and starting to enjoy the voice!

        I used to be a very emotional kid and was quite depressed, After a little while I got out of it and now I’m not depressed at all! Why am I telling you this? Its because the character is very important to me, listening to the songs and reading the english subs I think was quite helpful in getting better!

        So before you should get the game you have to have a connection with the character, the games way to expensive even at £80 if you dont have a good connection with her!

        Another thing is you should defiantly listen to some of the songs like roten Hershey and chocolate with english subtitles and then you see what the meanings in the songs and how deep they can be!

        The game is just a rhythmic game, I dont like much moden music, I dont like a lot of songs on the radio etc

        The Room thing is a very good thing for selling the game as well because it makes you feel closer to Hatsune, And It makes me feel like a better brother since I view her like a sister even though my latest post about her on Newy needs to know is just not good!
        She just feels like a sister to me!

        So Overall
        You should love the music
        Have a need for a rhythmic game
        Have love for the character

        And then you have a reasonable reason to get the game!

        Sorry for the Long post!
        Thanks for reading! ^^
        Sorry that its lengthy!

  2. Sorry I just realised the people who sent the message sent it in us dollers but instead of saying
    $103 it just says 103, underneath it says USD very lightly

    • Well that’s still a considerable saving over 103 squid. I’d buy a lot more from the US at this time if not for the high shipping costs. How much was shipping from Japan (I’m assuming your game’s coming straight from Japan, although I may be wrong).

      And thanks for the explanation, I really wanted a fan to explain it all to me.

      • Its fine! we’re a friendly community so I’m fine with sharing my knowledge that I have with you lot!

        Shipping is more expensive from America to my knowledge, You may want to search more online since I’m kinda new to shipping but to my knowledge, its cheeper from Japan, I bought this BRS blu-ray, it was the same price from america and from Japan, so my logic was that it will probably come faster from America, But then when it came to the door I had to pay £20 to the delivery people for customs, Well my mum payed at the local post office but still! (I was at my part time job but I sound more responsible if I say I did it! =P )

        Anyways, so it cost £20 for customs at the door from America, But so far when I’ve bought things from HongKong or Japan, I’ve never had to pay for customs at the door or anything!

        I dont know if I havent payed customs from Asia because of what I’ve bought so far or how its been sent, so I dont know all the ins and outs but from my experience its cheeper then from America!

        ALSO I went on JBOX to buy some stuff, anyways some of it comes from Japan, some stuff San Diego, so I had stuff from both country’s in my shopping basket, I proceded to a page with shipping costs, The shipping from Japan was about £/$17 I thing, maybe a bit more or less, but from San Diego It was about £/$60 No Joke! so I took everything of the list from San Diego!

        • I think the issue with customs depends on whether or not the sender marks it as a gift or not. whenever I’ve bought bits and bobs from Hong Kong (USB adaptors mostly) they mark it as a non-taxable gift which means I don’t have to pay anything for it from my end.

          With regards to buying games I’m mostly looking to buy second hand retro stuff, which is sold dirt cheap in the US on places on eBay. Even more expensive prices are nothing compared to what people ask for in the UK and Europe, as you probably know. But as soon as I enquire about shipping, I’m suddenly looking at $30-40 for a fudging Genesis game. One day I’m just going to go over there with an empty suitcase and be done with it.

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