No upcoming Sonic + Megaman pew pew fest.

From the Megaman rumor monger Protodude, we have word that Capcom has flat out denied any plans to do a game based on the Archie comics Megaman/Sonic crossover coming out next year. On the Capcom forums, a user asked the obvious question about the collaboration: When is the game coming out? The answer came from Capcom’s own Senior VP Christian Svensson. In short, Capcom is happy about the collaboration but they have no plans to follow it up with a game or any other support.

I know I am not the only one that thinks this is a missed opportunity. Look at how well the Sonic and Mario team ups have done? I am not a huge fan of those games but they sell like crazy. Sega and Capcom might be leaving money on the table with this one.

 [Source: Protodude’s Rockman Corner]

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  1. This game would only sell millions even if it sucked. I mean look at Resident Evil Opp Raccoon City. The name alone sold that game but it bombed with actual reviews.

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