See what the Wii U can do with this new Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed trailer

The releases of both the Wii U and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed are mere days away, and Sega’s drumming up some last-minute hype with a new trailer that finally answers the burning question: “What makes the Wii U version so special?”

The trailer shows off a host of exclusive features, including the 5-player local multiplayer we heard about some months back, as well as the ability to steer with motion controls (yawn), exclusive multiplayer modes (neat!), the ability to peer behind you on the tablet, the ability to track your weapons, and of course that much-touted ability to play the game exclusively on your controller while the TV is in use.

Really, the 5-player multiplayer already hooked me, but I’m very curious to see more about these exclusive modes. The video showed something involving a giant player-controlled ball rolling around the racers on the track, but I can’t really piece together what that could be. A Monkey Ball mini-game, perhaps?

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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