Hardcore Gaming 101 releasing book on Sega's early arcade games

Hardcore Gaming 101 has announced that they will be releasing a book titled Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 this December in physical and digital formats. The physical versions will be available on amazon.com in black & white for $10 and color for $25. The book covers 70 of Sega’s early classics from the 80’s and 90’s and clocks in at 166 pages. If the Vol. 1 in the title is any hint I imagine there’s future books already planned in the series which is great to hear.

Hardcore Gaming 101 previously did an amazing (and information packed) book on the history of adventure games, so I imagine this series is going to be just as detailed and worthy of a read by Sega and video game fans everywhere. I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out as, until this year, there’s been a distinct lack of great reading material for Sega fans.

[Source: Sega Memories]

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  1. That’s true.
    There isn’t much besides Sonic comics but they don’t hold my attention as much as “The history of Sonic the hedgehog” but it took a history to get somthing like that out.

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