Sonic Generations PC hack makes more Sonic 2006 levels actually fun

Did you, at some point, happen to think that Sonic 2006 had decent level concepts that were ruined by the abysmal gameplay? Have you often wondered what it would be like if Wave Ocean or Radical Train had gotten the treatment Crisis City got in Sonic Generations? And do you have at least the demo of Generations on Steam?

If you answered yes to those questions, then good news! Sonic hacker Melpontro, along with some other hackers in the scene, have been working on porting and reworking various 06 levels for Sonic Generations, and today shared this new video showing off beta footage of their work on Wave Ocean Modern and Classic, as well as a little snippet of Radical Train. While the levels are still beta and said to be unstable at the moment, there is a file available for download in the Youtube link for everyone to try for those that know what they’re doing.

I’ve gotta say, I really hope he keeps this project going. One of my favorite things about Generations was Crisis City, and seeing that level go from an unplayable mess, to a challenging, yet genuinely fun level five years later, so to see more levels given that treatment is so cool to me. You can see more videos, level imports from Unleashed, and WIPs (including a level from Shadow the Hedgehog) on his Youtube channel.


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