Exciting Shining Ark accessory set includes stickers and cleaning cloth

Japanese fans of the Shining series set on buying the upcoming Shining Ark game will undoubtedly be over the moon over the announcement of a Shining Ark accessory set. The set includes the following:

  • Groovy pouch
  • Eight super-cool interchangeable character sheets
  • Mega awesome cleaning cloth
  • Eight hyper special PSP decals
  • Eight supra crazy PlayStation Vita decals
  • Two out-of-this-world sticker sheets

Non-Japanese Sega fans will unfortunately have to do without this tubular accessory set or Shining Ark itself, as the PSP game is set for a Japan-only release of February 28th. Another title to add to your imaginary collection of Japanese exclusive Sega games.

If you have no idea what Shining Ark is, check out Sega’s recently released, super-mega-ultra informative video above and hit the jump to see pictures of the the accessory set.

[Source: Siliconera]

Shining Ark PSP 1 Shining Ark PSP 2 Shining Ark PSP 3 Shining Ark PSP 4 Shining Ark PSP 5Shining Ark PSP 4Shining Ark PSP 3Shining Ark PSP 2Shining Ark PSP 1

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