Eddie Lebron's Sonic fan film gets a million views on YouTube

Fans have been waiting on the Eddie Lebron’s Sonic film for some time now, and despite some controversial delays, the passion project has finally been released to the masses. Overall, the reaction seems to be quite positive, with the 18-minute youtube video hitting one million views in just a week.

Even Yuji Naka, the man hailed as Sonic’s creator, has chimed in with his own comments about the film on Twitter and Facebook, calling it “awesome” and even defending it against some of the absurd fan backlash surrounding the project.

Be sure to check the video out yourself. Personally, I found it to be a charming tribute to a character we all know and love, and all this ridiculous vitriol spewing out of many fans in the gaming community is sadly misinformed. It takes a LOT to make something as ambitious as this, and despite some acting missteps and CGI issues, I really think Lebron’s done a great job at hitting the same sweeping and ambitious tone as something like Sonic Adventure. Plus, Jaleel White’s in it. Come ON.

What do you guys think?

[Source: TSSZ]