Genesis does Star Fox

While I loved my Mega Drive as a child there were always a few games that had made me regret my decision to stick with Sega’s 16-bit wonder, one of those games was the 3D space shooter Star Fox (or Star Wing as it was known in the United Kingdom). Luckily for Sega fans with SNES-envy, a team of fans from have reverse engineered the iconic game and rebuilt it to work on an overclocked Sega Genesis without any additional hardware such as the SvP chip that gave Virtua Racing its polygons.

Granted, the footage as shown above has framerate issues and lacks any kind of sound, however this is only a concept beta build with more features to come. All-in-all it’s extremely impressive to see Star Fox playing in any capacity on a Genesis, and it makes me wonder how much more untapped potential there is in it even after all these years. But for now I think I’ll stick to playing my SNES on the sly.

Yeah I have a SNES. I kinda like it too. You got a problem with that?

[Source: TSSZ News]

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