Sega continues its 4D initiative with XD Theater

Sega Amusements have recently opened the XD Theater. This is a Sega and Sonic branded community experience which incorporates several 4D elements such as compressed air and spraying water in addition to a 3D video presentation.

Sega’s XD Theater is currently open at Minehead Butlins holiday park in the United Kingdom. This unveiling marks another venture in Sega’s recent exhibitional partnerships like the Orbi.

Anyone from the UK interested in checking this out? We’d love to hear more about it.

[Source: Sega Driven]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I really want this, and 100% support any and all arcade upgrade technology! I miss a good old amazing arcade experience so much, and these types of facelifts to the industry can’t be replicated outside of arcade cabinets. Bravo!

    Now integrate it into games 😀

    • I agree. Although I haven’t been to an arcade in over a decade, it is nice to see some companies still creating new technology for the platform like Sega and Konami. It is hard to prognosticate how the arcade will carry-on from now, but it seems to be in a kind of experimental state. Which is intriguing, if nothing else.

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