Sega might not have the Warhammer 40K license after all


Ever since Sega’s acquisition of the general Warhammer license a few months back, all signs have been pointing to a much broader IP grab, leading many of us to believe that Sega could indeed have the entire name of Warhammer under their belt. But despite owning Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Dawn of War developer Relic, their ownership may not be as broad as we thought.

Last week Games Workshop announced that Slitherine, a developer known for making historical strategy games for PC and iPad, will be working on a new game in the 40K universe. Members of the studio are understandably excited to work with the strategy behemoth, with Slitherine head honcho JD McNeil promising that “joining forces with Games Workshop will allow [Slitherine] to bring a wonderfully deep and appropriate IP to the turn-based strategy genre.”

This may not mean that Sega is totally out of the 40K picture, but it certainly doesn’t look promising. The publisher has been conspicuously tight-lipped about anything but Company of Heroes 2 and the broader Warhammer property, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if 40K wasn’t all that high on their list of priorities. So much for that Space Marine sequel…

[Source: Eurogamer]