Company of Heroes 2 has new 'Theatre of War' DLC


If you’ve been clamouring for more Company of Heroes content then you’re in luck because Relic has some new DLC available right now! That’s right, the recent strategy title has a new piece of downloadable content entitled the ‘Theatre of War’. If you had just happened to have pre-ordered Company of Heroes 2 you can add this to your game for free, otherwise it will cost around $10. This awesomely named mini-pack also contains a new single player campaign as well as two new multiplayer maps set in Rostov and Kharkov respectively.

Here’s an interesting fact: The single player campaign Case Blue is actually based on a real German military campaign. The case takes place on the east front, in 1942 and will see you controlling the Germans against the Russian army. If that’s not enough this campaign specifically will feature two new challenges, two different battles, and a new co-op level to boot.

Seems like a lot of value. I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement but with the shady goings on with DLC lately it’s nice to see something that seems to add honest to god new content to the game it belongs to. If you want you can view Company of Heroes 2‘s Steam page (with the purchasable DLC) here.

[Source: TSSZ News]