Sonic 2 HD's soundtrack getting released

While the Sonic 2 HD project may have gone up in smoke in a highly embarrassing way, one of the few things that went mostly right with the Alpha Release was the soundtrack. Quite a few have been clamoring for a full release of the remixes, as they were apparently already finished before the project’s cancelation, and the arranger, Tee Lopes, is finally providing one via his Youtube page.

As of this writing, only the stages up through Mother Alex’s favorite, Hill Top Zone, have been released, but the rest should be on their way within the next couple days. And for those not wanting to wait for that, there’s a sampler medley available here.

Hearing these tracks is a little depressing, because I would’ve loved to have heard them in the game proper, but it’s really nice to finally be able to hear full versions.

Source: teezord @ Youtube

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