Get Panzer Dragoon re-released on GOG


If you’ve never used GOG (formerly Good Old Games) then shame on you anyway, but now’s your opportunity to support bringing Saturn classic Panzer Dragoon back to the forefront. The guys at The Will of the Ancients are trying to find all avenues to bring the shoot-’em-up series back and one available option is to vote for the series through digital distributor GOG. The website provides a wishlist feature giving fans an opportunity to voice the games they want to see re-released, and several of the Panzer Dragoon titles are now on the list available to be voted for.

For those of you that have no experience of GOG, it is a fantastic platform for digital re-releases. Not only does it fully support DRM-free products but it also has a habit of chucking a lot of freebies into the mix too; soundtracks, wallpapers, artwork – heaps of exclusive content.

You can find all the links you need here, and if your need for Panzer Dragoon is more urgent, there’s always Crimson Dragon: Side Story on Windows Phone.

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  1. They need to get the Shenmue games on there too.

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