OC ReMix to celebrate Saturn anniversary next year


If you like videogames in any capacity then chances are you’ve come across OC ReMix at some point in your internet travels. For those not in the know, (and you really should be) OC ReMix is a site that encourages fans with musical talent to cover classic videogame tunes and share them. Once in a while they’ll even put out free albums as tributes to a specific game using the very many talented members of their community. It’s a very awesome site, which is about to get even more awesome as they plan to celebrate the Saturn’s 20th Birthday next year with a tribute album of it’s very own!

OC ReMix user ‘Dave the Rave’ set up the project, and is currently reaching out to interested artists in this forum thread. The conceptual track list is almost complete and is set to feature music inspired by NiGHTS Into Dreams, Burning Rangers, Guardian Heroes, and even more. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on and I personally can’t wait to hear the finished album on it’s projected release of November 22nd, 2014.

[Source: Radio Sega]