GDC video shows wealth of Sega timeline at Video Game History Museum exhibit


The Game Developer’s Conference is this week, and with it comes plenty of videos depicting the show. This year, the Video Game History Museum had a sweet Sega set-up, and “GameSparkChannel” captured a good portion of it.

The Sega-related items such as demo units and arcade cabinets start trickling in within the first minute mark, but the Sega goodness really starts pouring in around the 2:43 mark. There are even such gems as the JVC X’Eye and the Hello Kitty Dreamcast.

I did find myself drooling over a few collectables while happily pointing out things I own. It’s always fun  remembering a fonder time for Sega fans. Did you see anything in the video you can brag about owning? Or something you will now scour eBay for? Let us know below!