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Sega Addicts Episode 126

We’ll be recording Episode 126 this Thursday as we delve into Part 12 of our Acclaim on Sega series. What games will we be talking about you grudgingly ask? Well, they would be…

Virtual Open Tennis (Saturn)

Cutthroat Island (Genesis)

Bust-A-Move 2 (Saturn)

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (Saturn)

Battle Monsters (Saturn)

If you’ve got questions/comments on any of these games, Acclaim or Sega in general, just leave them in the comments below!


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  1. Swap Mortal Kombat and Battle Monsters release dates, if Battle Monsters was the originator of the digitized bloody brawler, would it have been a hit?

    Hey! I just noticed a Battle Monster easter egg from the developers! They actually warned us in the title…BM….bowel movement.

    Ma! Thomas! (presumably) Scottilda! I’ve collected enough tickets from the skiball machine to get 1 of each of your respective arts!

    And now a commercial break: Hey there listener, want to be that guy that women secretly wish their husband was? A guy so legendary that those same women’s husbands secretly wish he would sleep with their wives so she could experience a real man? Well now you can, just follow Shiggidy’s lead, and you’ll be well on your path to Lou Ferrigno status. Your appeal is multiplied by the number of products you buy, so don’t delay, order now!
    Achievment 2 Unlocked: Support the arts trifecta. 150pts.

  2. Mike can have my ticket if he Angelina Jolie stopped messing with his computer.

  3. unfornately i dont own any of the games mentioned but i was seeing that the opening in virtual tennis is with the same engine that the virtua cop games and fmv with just the character and nothing else, i wonder how many games made on the saturn have used the same engine or animations to create the openings.
    my second question is.
    why batman has superpowers in the game and also, does batman has a big smile like in the movie. i remember that they put the scene where he smiles in the trailer and remember thinking, this will go so wrong.

    thank you for a great podcast and alex do you already have an estimated number of how many parts acclaim will have, my guess is that you are going to be reaching 19

  4. No really, were there a lot of suicides at Acclaim?

  5. I dont really have any questions about acclaim, but your episode seems to be Saturn heavy, so with that
    Will Segata sanshiro be the DLC character for Sonic all-stars trans?
    Did you miss me, if so how much?

  6. A year or so after Batman Forever’s release I looked to buy the game. I was always told by the clerks “it’s a good game.” Just none of the stores had it, ever. Shoulda been called Elusive Forever Batman Game.

    Bust-A-Move 2, Acclaim couldn’t screw that up if they wanted to. I had a good time with that one. Line up the pointer thing and shoot colored spheres to matching multiples of the same color and watch them go pop! Played alone and never got far into the game, 10 or 15min @ a sitting. Good times.

    Now, I’m not wanting to sound racist and since being P.C. isn’t practiced much over there, I have a statement and question to my Gallivant Brother:

    We seen that all the students are beautiful and dress like Sailor Moon in the games and anime we’ve played so… you gettin in all the right learnin these days Kris?

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